Who am I?

Why the website?

I’ve been in the real estate business or “game” for a long time – hundreds of deals and hundreds of clients so by now I’ve pretty much seen and heard it all (well almost!). There are a lot of misconceptions about this business and about how the business works and my goal with this site is to clarify and cut through all the tactics and confusion that agents throw out there on a daily basis and just tell it like it really is (like the “no bull” logo?). It’s kind of a Blog site and kind of an informational site.


I’m also going to answer a lot of the typical questions that clients ask me everyday. What are conditions? What concerns should I have with a home inspection? Should I sell privately? A flyer says sold in 30 days or I’ll buy it, investing in real estate etc., all addressed here with straightforward honest answers and advice. If you happen to find anything I’ve written to be interesting or useful, I encourage you to share any of my posts with your friends, family or complete strangers.


If you’re looking for honest, no hidden agenda answers to any real estate question and you can’t find it here, just send me an email and I’ll be glad to answer it for you in private or as a blog post – your choice. Advice always was and always will be free and I’m more than happy to help anyone at anytime.


My “official” real estate website is

Thanks for stopping by!